Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I'm Behind!

So, it would appear that I am WAY behind with my RAoK.

I'm not, so don't sweat it! I'm just finding it hard to get online (ok, so I get online via my iPhone and my iPad, but I don't turn on my PC everyday)...so what I'll be doing from now on, is a weekly update with all of the RAoK from that week. I can manage that....I think...

I'll be back later with an update! I promise!


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 41- February 11th 2012

Valentine's Day is fast approaching. I had all of these wondering crafting ideas pinned (thanks Pinterest) and all of a sudden, it's the 11th, and I've only done 4 crafts! I had anticipated Miss C and I doing crafts every day, so that she would be able to give each of her classmates and her friends a handmade Valentine....umm, that totally didn't happen! OH WELL. Life happens, and I'm trying to be totally 100% ok with that!

My nephew is staying with us this weekend and I decided to make up Charlotte's Valentine's Day cards. I thought I'd do his as well, seeing as how his Mom/my BFF is out of the country...Dad's can't be expected to do this...so really, I'm helping out a whole wack of people...

I just snapped quick pictures of Miss C and Little J this morning, and uploaded them to Picnik where I proceeded to add a cute border, some hearts and some funky type. I've already sent them into Costco to have them printed, so I'll pop by there tomorrow to pick them up. I'll make 2 little slits (one on top of their hand and one at the bottom) and then stick in a Tootsie pop that I got on super discount ($.24/pack) at Superstore. Easy Peasy! So, while it isn't your 'typical' Valentine's Day card, it is definitely sweet and semi-homemade...which, in my opinion, is the best kind.

I'm also one who gives credit where credit is due...so while I'd love to claim this as my idea, it is totally not mine...and I got the idea from here!

Valentine's Day Cards Complete!

Today's RAoK- making sure my nephew has awesome Valentine's cards to hand out at school on Tuesday!!


Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 40- February 10th 2012

GIRL'S NIGHT! I totally needed this!

One of my friend's couldn't figure out how to purchase her ticket to "The Vow" online, so I did it for her! (RAoK#1)

I had our digital tickets sent to my phone, so that we weren't wasting paper. You're welcome Mother Earth! (RAoK#2)

Today's RAoK- a total win!


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 39- February 9th 2012

This one is random.

A little girl has cancer and can use some Valentine's Day cheer.

I know 2 little girls who LOVE making crafts....

So we made Valentine's Day crafts....

And then we wrote little messages on the back, and put them in the mail.

If you are interested in doing something for this little girl...please visit THIS FACEBOOK PAGE!!!!

Today's RAoK- sending some love cross country...!


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 38- February 8th 2012

My brother in law is serving a mission in Columbia. He's been gone since November 2010. He has 2 new nephews who he has never met, and as often as we talk about him with Miss C, I'm not sure she is going to know who he is when he comes home. She has a picture in her room...but she's only 3...when he gets back he would have been out of her life as long as he was in it before. It will be an interesting experience to say the least.

When M first left, we were really good with e-mails and sending letters and packages. Really really good. Then we had F, and L started back at school...and life got busy. I know that shouldn't be an excuse and really, it's a lousey one and I know it...but it's the truth. I'm great at recieving e-mails, but I really suck at replying or sending ones. If we could communicate through text messages, I'd be all over that. In fact, that is my prefered way of communication...there are only a few people who get to experience me on the phone...
But, here I am- my brother in law has been gone for 15 months and I haven't been as good at writing him as I would have liked.

Monday's are his PDay, and we recieved a personal e-mail from him, asking how we are, how the kids are, that he hopes we haven't forgotten about him (bad bad sister in law...bad!) and then he talked a bit about zombies and how we should head straight to Columbia when the zombies come... He asked if we'd told F about him, and that he hopes to hear from us soon. I felt so sad in my heart. So I asked a friend of mine who speaks spanish to translate a little e-mail for me to send to him. It's just a couple lines of spanish (the language he's been speaking since he left) but I hope he smiles when he sees it on Monday!

I added on a few other things and some updated pictures of my kids. I PROMISED to be better at emailing and promised to make more of an effort.

Today's RAoK- replying...



You get what you give...
If you give a lot, then you shall receive a lot.
I have personally witness this and experienced it myself...

You should give it a try!


Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 37- February 6th 2012

Cookies make my world go 'round.

So whenever I know of someone who is feeling down or blah...I try to make them cookies...

I'm not always successful, but the intention is always there.

Anyways- I know someone who was feeling a little 'blah' on Sunday...so I brought her cookies this morning. I'm pretty sure she liked them, because 5 minutes after I'd left I got a text saying she'd already had two!

Today's RAoK- cookies! *they were shaped like stars with strawberry icing*